Learning Guitar

We don't need any notes! We teach guitar playing and are inspired by an online course by an Australian guitarist. Mondays, at 7 pm from April 16th. (Foto: knallgrün/Photocase)

DIY Ba(r)tiken

Tue 08.05. - 4 pm: We want to personalise clothes or jute bags. Please bring the parts you want to dye. We'll take care of the paint. Make sure that the clothes are made of 100% cotton. Afterwards...

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We meet on 09.06. at 11 am at the club area of the Bremen Windsurfing Club at the western shore of the Stadtwaldsee (Unisee). No previous knowledge is required. The equipment is provided free of charge...

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So. 20.11. - 15:00 - 19:00 h: Matrix, Bruce Allmächtig, Vincent will Meer, Gnade... In Kinofilmen begegnen uns immer wieder Querverweise auf Religion und Glaube. Das wollen wir zum Anlass nehmen, ein Beispiel genauer… (Foto: 2sam/

Writing degree and dissertations

Thu 17.05. - 6pm: A workshop especially for people just before their master or bachelor thesis. Aim of the workshop is...(Foto: ommi/

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Creative writing: My will

Thu 14.06. - 7pm: Have you ever thought of writing a will? We deal with why a will is written at the age of mid-20...

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