Religion & Believe


The chapel, a modern, transparent room in the form of a cube, is integrated into the old house. The room is centered on a centre.



The devotions are dedicated to a theme. We sing from the hymnal of the Protestant student community in Germany "Durch Hohes und Tiefes", speak a psalm, think together about a biblical word. We - students and the pastor - prepare the prayer together and think about what and how to do it each time. 

After the devotion we eat together and maybe there will be conversations about what we have experienced before. We look forward to seeing you. You can find the next dates here.

... and faith

We want to discuss with experts, exchange experiences and get to know new perspectives. The special, the events all take place in places that have something to do with the themes. You will find out where the events take place when you register. The number of participants is limited. You can find the next dates here.

Intermediate space (Zwischen Raum)

is a midday prayer with creative impulses, a time space between two events, a good start to lunch, always on Wednesdays during the lecture period in the Room of Silence, University of Bremen, GW 2, Room B1800.

You can find the dates here.