Intercultural Topics

Culture Night Indonesien

In cooperation with kompass team from international office of university of Bremen, there are so called Culture Nights in the ESG. Its organized by international and German students.

Sometimes there are more than 100 visitors. Students present there countries and culture,  they talk about political issues and we discuss together current topics. There is always very good food from the presented country and in the end we dance a lot.

On some Tuesdays there are Jam-Sessions from kompass team in the ESG. Just join us with your instrument, sing with us or just listen to the music.


At Moin Meetings we welcome Refugees especially those from HERE program of University of Bremen. We want to get in contact and start a personal and cultural interaction.

A special highlight is the international Christmas Dinner, where the ESG and the international Office invites you to listen to music Christmas stories and delicious food.

You can find all Dates for this events in event tab.

At ESG we offer also advice and support in demanding situations, especially for students from so called developing countries. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions for example about studies, work, residence, or orientation in Germany. Here you can find more information.