Open Volunteers' Meeting (MAK)

On the last Thursday, every month all volunteers meet at 6:30pm to reflect, plan and coordinate. Everyone is invited to join us, but only students and young people up to 27 years are entitled to vote. You will get something to eat at every meeting.

The Idea of an Open Volunteer Meeting

  • organization of current events
  • developing of innovative ideas
  • communication between students and full-time employees
  • everyone can participate
  • we work according to the consensus principle, which means that everybody should try to find a solution, which suits everyone
  • we can build smaller groups to discuss some topics in detail and prepare suggestions or to organize events
  • we have a protocol for every meeting in a protected area of our homepage
  • all topics should be known a week before and sent to all participants via newsletter.
ESG Bremen - Principle (432 KB)