In Dialogue

We are in dialogue with each other - when we deal with questions of faith, when we attend church services, when we enter into interreligious dialogue with each other or when we meet in the ESG on Fridays at 7 pm.  .


...and faith

We want to discuss with experts, exchange experiences and get to know new perspectives. We want to deal with commandments, doubts and films in relation to faith. (Photo: elsone/

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Fri (Free)- Days

This semester we offer you on Fridays from 7pm the possibility to realise your own ideas or just to be part of it. (Photo: Pippilotta/ "everything's possible")

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Visit Fair- Life and Death

Sat 05.05. - 1pm: Death is part of life. The fair LIFE AND DEATH also includes the discussion of questions of meaning and what is involved, as well as knowledge, exchange and encounters with others... (Photo: bright green /

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Moin! is a project with which we welcome refugees by the HERE program of the University of Bremen. We want to get to know each other and enter into a personal and intercultural exchange.

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