In Dialogue

We are talking to each other - when we deal with faith issues, visit art exhibitions, consider what our theme will be for consultation with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Students' Union (EPSU) at the University of Ghanain Legon (Accra) in 2020, or meet in the ESG on Fridays from 19:00 h...


Art 2go - "As we are 1.0" - André Thomkins

Thursday 25.04., 6 p.m.: The collection presentation "As we are 1.0" in the Weserburg works out the connecting theme of artworks from the 1960s until today through all media. With André Tomkins, we are presenting... (Photo: misterQM /

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Let's talk about sex... and Religion!

Monday 29.04., 7 p.m.: What is the position of religions in eroticism? Are they anti-lust orientated as they like to be accused of? ...(Photo: Jo.Sephine /

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Literatur2go - Heinrich Heine

Thursday 23.05., 6 p.m.: On the occasion of 70 years of "Grundgesetz" we visit the Literaturkeller, the smallest theatre in the world and let ourselves be captivated by Heinrich Heine's timeless current politics...  (Photo: Jo.Sephine /

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