TutorInnen beraten die Erstsemester

Our seminar „First Time“ is the best chance for new students, to prepare for their studies just before the winter semester starts. You will get helpful information for the beginning.

You have the opportunity for discussion and can ask questions which are answered by experts (study workshop, central examination office, career centre, psychological-therapeutic counselling centre, AStA, Rector, deputy head of the University) and last but not least also by students (tutors) of higher semesters.

The Protestant Student Community (ESG) and the Catholic University Community (KHG) are welcoming you in our houses as well as the tutors of many courses of study and are taking care of the organisation, not at least for the food for you.

The next FirstTime seminar will take place before the start of the orientation week on 4 and 5 October 2018 at ESG/KHG. The new program will be printed at the end of August 2018. But you can already take a look at the programme below. You can also register already:


Programm FirstTime 2016 (1,1 MB)

Here you can see some feedback from the last years:

  • Nice beginning of the orientation week and the first semester
  • It was definitely the right decision to go to First-Time
  • It was a nice feel
  • I got to know many great people
  • The seminar was quite extensive and many of my questions could be answered
  • Fantastic Food
  • Helpful tips from students
  • Nice workshops, great offering of activities
  • I liked the prayers
  • At the city-tour I would have liked the focus on orientation in Bremen
  • I liked that we got to know Places like AStA in University and listening to presentations, which were very interesting
  • The older students helped me a lot