About us


Principle of ESG

The protestant community of students (German: Evangelische Studierenden Gemeinde, short: ESG) is part of Bremische Evangelische Kirche (BEK) and a community for all students AND young adults. We emphasize on what connects us as human beings, in out faith and in our questions. Everyone is welcome, independently from origin, religious or non-religious background, skin color, sexual orientation, etc.


Who we are

Students and young adults, who participate in ESG events or even organize it
Our meeting house at Parkstraße 107 is good located and there is much space for your ideas and creativity. It is a good place, to come to rest, to talk to others and to celebrate together
ESG consists since 1947 and is a popular meeting point


What we do

We plan our program at planning days (Planungstag) twice a year
In the meantime, we discuss and plan events at monthly volunteer meetings (MAK)
We do a lot of different things: Culture-Nights, international cooking, interreligious dialogue, cocktail parties, music, parties, playing days, discussions and presentations, prayers, church services, spiritual welfare, consultation, skiing & snowboarding, pilgrimages…


What we stand for 

We live diversity – intercultural and interreligious
peaceful and respectful communication between all members and employees on an equal footing
Critical discussions about social and religious issues
We are well connected and cooperate with other ESGs, the catholic community of students of Bremen, with the International Office of University of Bremen, with the Consulting center for gay people “Rat und Tat Zentrum” and with HERE.
We, students and employees, see ourselves as contact persons for all people in all life situations.


For Newbies 

You can join us every time, bring your own ideas and shape the ESG
If you have questions or suggestions, you can find contact persons on our homepage.

ESG Bremen - Principle (432 KB)